Mods and Rockers / The Student Room Peep Board

I have just created a bespoke peep board for The Student Room. With offices now in London and Brighton a very apt theme of mods & rockers took hold set of course on Brighton beach.

This board will travel to events and shows and when not on tour will be in the London office bringing a bit of Brighton seaside to all. There are lots of references to the The Student Room website and the services and help they offer.

Above are a few shots of the board and how it is supported. To withstand British weather all the wood is treated and the image has several layers of matt varnish over to protect it and there is a narrow capping along the top to stop the worst of the rain. The hinged A frame means the board will stand independently and can be easily packed up for storage.

These peep boards are great and everyone of all ages can enjoy them. Brilliant for friends and family you will be sure to get some brilliant photos. If you would like to know more or have an idea in mind please get in touch -

Wimbledon Live Event

I recently created an illustration for Wimbledon Live, a night of live music and tennis.